Profile of the president of Friends of WHO JAPAN

President, Representative Director Yasuhide Nakamura
President, Representative Director Yasuhide Nakamura

Dr. NAKAMURA Yasuhide is a Professor Emeritus of Osaka University.

After he graduated from The University of Tokyo, and worked as a pediatrician at Tokyo Metropolitan

Hospital, he started global health to encourage maternal and child health in Indonesia as a Japan

International Cooperation Agency (JICA) expert (1986-88) and to promote refugee health program in

UNHCR Pakistan Office (1990-91). He was a Takemi Fellow (1996-97) in Harvard School of Public Health

for international health. He worked in Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University (2000-

2017). He is widely interested in conducting research through interdisciplinary approach in the spirit

of fieldworker; Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Handbook Programs in many countries, humanitarian

relief for refugees and victims by natural disasters, and health care system in Japan.
Dr. Nakamura is the president of Japan Association for International Health (JAIH), the representative

of International Society of Volunteer Studies and the president of Friends of WHO JAPAN. He got the

43th Medical Achievement Award (Iryo Kourou Sho) in 2015.

List of Board Members

List of Board Members
President, Representative Director Yasuhide Nakamura Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Vice President, Representative Director Yusuke Saraya President, Saraya Co., Ltd
Kyoco Ikoma President, Proassist,Ltd.
Director Hideo Inui President, Osaka Pharmaceutical Association
Hiroko Iwamoto Lawyer, Iwamoto Hiroko Law Office
Naohide Ueyama President, Dainihon Jochugiku Co., Ltd.
Junko Otani Professor, Osaka University
Rie Ogasawara Specially Apointed Senior Lecturer (full-time), Osaka University
Yasuyuki Takai President, OSAKA Medical Association
Akio Tatsumi Executive Director and Secretary General,
Japan Association of Production Technology Promotion
Seiichiro Nii Representative Certified Public Tax Accountant,
Nii Joint tax accountant office
Hirotsuka Fukata President, Osaka Dental Association
Yoshihiko Fukuoka President, Board of Trustees of The Paleological Assosiation of Japan,Inc.
Nariaki Matsuura President, Osaka International Cancer Institute
Tadashi Yasuda Professor, Kindai University
Yasutaka Yamato Director, Eco Design Network
Auditor Shiro Ogasahara Midosuji Tax Corporation & Institute of Organizational Design Founder
Tamotsu Kawachi Monjyu Law Offices, Lawyer