Policy for the Future of Friends of WHO JAPAN

Friends of WHO JAPAN has a mission to promptly and appropriately communicate with many people on the activities and information being initiated and created by World Health Organization (WHO), a specialized organization of the United Nations. We have been working in cooperation with WHO Health Development Research Center (WHO Kobe Center) and many other WHO stakeholders.
From now on, we will aim to be a one-stop service of information dissemination in Japanese on WHO activities, including the fact sheets on the WHO website, and through this service, we will improve our organ journal “Visualized WHO” to be more attractive.
Strengthen networks within Japan with hospitals, universities, research institutes, private enterprises, NGO/NPO, and other civil communities related to global health which are in cooperation with WHO. Particular emphasis will be placed on collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centres, which are widely active in Japan.
Friends of WHO JAPAN has been focusing on fostering of young generation through our system which supports people who wish to experience as the WHO intern.
In the future, we will actively support the voluntary activities of young people (supporters) who are wishing to work abroad, by such as holding regular workshops on global health and meetings with WHO interns.
Through a variety of projects, we will work with WHO and other international organizations, countries, local governments, companies, and NPO/NGO as members of the global public to protect the health of people around the world. We will work to contribute to achieving the SDGs, a sustainable developmental goal: No one will be left behind.

Main Activities of Friends of WHO JAPAN

1. Introduction of cooperation and activities with WHO

We aim to translate all the WHO fact sheets into Japanese. In addition, we will enhance our website and provide a one-stop service on WHO information in Japanese in collaboration with healthcare institutions implementing Japanese translation of WHO documents. Strengthen collaboration with the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO), the WHO Center for Health and Development (WHO Kobe Center), and the WHO Cooperative Center in Japan.

2. Strengthening Global Health Cooperation:

Strengthen networks with global health-related medical institutions, hospitals, universities, private companies, organizations, NGO/NPO, and others through our organ Journal “Visualized WHO”, global health and national health seminars and workshops.

3. Development of young human resources:

Further strengthen the support of WHO interns, and promote the development of human resources aiming at global health by establishing Kansai Global Health (KGH) seminar which newly started in 2019 as our regular activity. Active support will be provided to the people who returned to Japan after working at WHO as well as the WHO interns’ reunion.

4. Expand the number of members for the Association

By providing attractive activities, we target at least doubling the number of supporting members with membership fee of private companies, health care institutions, and other organizations.

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